We offer complete quality and affordable products fabricated to suit your needs. Our steel fabrication shop proudly extends its services to commercial and industrial businesses throughout the country.

We use state-of-the-art equipment and welding techniques to satisfy a broad range of industrial and manufacturing clients.


Our wide range of tools, equipment and expertise give us the advantage in being able to take products from idea to production quickly and efficiently.

During fabrication, our quality assurance department completes an "in-process inspection" on proprietary parts to certify that all specifications have been met. Final inspections and acceptance tests are performed to meet company and customer acceptance parameters.

What is Metal Fabrication

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  • 2 Hyd-Mac CNC Horizontal production Band saws
  • 2 CNC 8 ft 88 ton Press Brakes
  • 4 Lincoln 355 Mig Welders
  • 1 Miller 455 Tig Welder
  • 1 Plasma Torch System
  • 1 4000 Watt Amada Laser Cutting System
  • CNC Tube Bending Service (20ft capacity)
  • Robotic welding